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"A thing of beauty is a joy forever... "

- Leonard Whiting Page -


This page is dedicated to Leonard Whiting.
For many people in the world he is always the most adorable Romeo ever seen. But life goes on and mr. Whiting now is a music composer, a writer of very clever children's books and a shakesperian professor.
With this page we wish to enlight a spot about the career and the works of this multitalented gentleman.
Thanks for visiting our page, Cyn and Amber



Few copies with a personal dedication by Mr. Whiting.

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The Leonard Whiting Page is in line from Dicember 1999 - Last editing 20 august 2009.


This site is dedicated to Olga Nikolaeva, Larry Lufkin, Amber McCalla and Trevina, my guardian angel..;)

Without their help nothing could have been possible.